How to repair common routers problems

192-168-1he majority of Linksys routers problems could be understood and easily solved:
• Make sure the router is turned on
• See whether your PC is connected to the router
• Check if the router internet light is on or blinking (instructions will help you)
• Be sure that your router is joined with your link or DSL modem
• Check on if you can see router administrator interface by writing into your browser bar
In the event that you are utilizing Wi-Fi connection, make sure that your PC is joined with the wireless network given by your router. A simple check to know which network is given by your router is to turn it off and see which one vanishes from wireless network list.


How to login IP address?


How to login IP address?
1) Click here
2) To reach the user interface of the router, type –t into your browser panel address. Another way to do this is to click on the entering button on our site. Very often the many users come across the problem with trying to login using the incorrect password. It may happen because the you forgot his password or did not use it before. In order to get the access to your modem username or password, check the information below.

Read more at: 192.168.l.l